Creator’s Children: The Rise of Astwihad


In the first book of the Creator’s Children series, The Rise of Astwihad, Galaxie, the Guardian of the Milky Way, has discovered that a race called the Tridents has created a great evil. A being that cannot be killed and is totally dedicated to the destruction of every living thing in the galaxy. This abomination has utterly destroyed the Trident race and is on the move toward earth. She must rush ahead of this massive armada in order to seek help from an advanced race of immortals who have made the earth their home. Together, with a handful of Humans, they travel in Galaxie’s living ship, Solana, to engage the Waring race. An advanced alien species that they hope to purchase ships and help from. They engage the Earth government with the Waring government to prepare for Astwihad’s arrival.

Creator’s Children: Battle Lines Drawn


Creator’s Children: Allies And Enemies