hero-bg Creators Children Books: The book covers many poignant themes: Politics, science and technology, aliens, wars, history and many more, not to mention elements of romance and female leadership. Fast paced, action packed Science Fiction, filled with new worlds, advanced races and living ships. Valerie Welsh Creator’s Children Books:
The Rise Of Astwihad
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hero-bg A deadly evil, unwittingly created, slaughters the Tridents, a peaceful race in the Deneb star system. Not satisfied, it seeks out all life with one purpose, total annihilation and its next target is Earth. Galaxie, Guardian of the Milky Way and an immortal, races to Earth to beg the help of a small group of Trichinas; aliens who have lived there for hundreds of years. Valerie Welsh Creator’s Children:
Allies And Enemies
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hero-bg The war is going badly. Earth is dying and the moon is gone. The Cynet abandon the fight and flee the galaxy. The Trichinas have lost sight of their purpose. They pull back and regroup, getting back on track before what remains of Humanity is gone forever. They gather the last of their ships together and make a plan. A new government is formed with William Rumsby and Aidan as its leaders. Will the Trichinas and Galaxie stop Astwihad before all of Humanity is lost? Valerie Welsh Creator’s Children:
Battle Lines Drawn
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Valerie Welsh

The Author of Creators Children Books

Author Valerie Welsh lives in Colorado with her husband and two Standard Poodles, Hondo and Tess and a rescue Maltese named Precious. In the past she has shown in AKC and UKC, and bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis under the kennel name Tiffanigold Corgis. She has competed in Herding, Conformation, and Obedience. She does quilt, bead weaving, crochet, reading and writing.

Author Valerie Welsh

“Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time.” — Marie Lu, Legend


Creators Children Books: The Rise of Astwihad

A terrible evil is unwittingly awakened by a peaceful race in the Deneb star system, wiping them out. Galaxie, an immortal and the guardian of the Milky Way galaxy, heads to earth to enlist the help of a small group of Trichinas; aliens who have made earth their home for hundreds of years. The Trichinas, along with a small band of Humans, reach out to other races bordering the sol system to stop this evil from destroying earth.

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