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Author Valerie Welsh was born in Madrid, Spain, to a U.S. Air Force dad and a French mother. Most of her youth was spent overseas. She was a daydreamer, doodler, and painfully shy. She did not do well in school as she has always been a visual learner and creative. Valerie found her school life stifling but managed to graduate and even spent a couple of years in college, which she hated with a passion. Finally deciding, since she was paying for everything, her parents didn’t get a say, she dropped out of college and went to work for the government.

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Three years later, she met the love of her life (who was in the Air Force at the time) and got married. They had their first child nine months after the wedding, followed by two miscarriages then a second child. After Suffering a third miscarriage, she decided two children were all they were going to have.

Valerie got into showing Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs in AKC, UKC, herding, and obedience. She spent 16 years in the show ring and breeding Corgis. It was a love/hate relationship. She hated the politics of the show ring and the cutthroat, backstabbing, win at any cost behavior of contestants. She loved the dogs and puppies. She is stubborn and has trouble knowing when to quit, hence lasting 16 years.

When her last Corgi died, Valerie got two Standard poodles (a brother and sister) and 4 years later a rescue Maltese who had spent the first six years of her life living in a wire cage in a barn on a farm putting out puppies.

Valerie has been very into crafts; quilting, crochet and bead weaving, and she is an avid reader of Science Fiction and Mysteries.

Valerie Welsh has published three books:

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